This idea is inherently bold. It breaks new ground.

centre-artsThe Cycle of Arts project has a bold intention; to use the arts to transform the community and increase communications and connections between the people in all areas and on all levels. The arts have always had a unique place in the public sphere, and this project suggests we can use that unique influence to begin the larger and much grander Centre Inspires program of innovation and community expansion.

Creating events and orchestrating them over the course of a year, continuously inviting more and more people around the county to participate and produce their own smaller art events as part of the Cycle of Arts, will be an organizational and management challenge. But it is not the events themselves that are bold, it is the intention, to use art, drama, dance, and music as a vehicle to get the people of the county talking to each other on a new level.

There is simply no doubt that things WILL go wrong, and I think it’s the things that go wrong that are just as important to the overall value of the effort, as what goes right. Check that – it’s what goes wrong that is valuable, if it all goes right and smoothly, that means we have not innovated quite enough. 

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