1. We create a Year of Art, anchored by four main events, that uses music, drama, dance, visual and experiential arts, and culture to uplift the county. We set inspiring themes, but otherwise leave it to the artists to produce the events, and let a conversation occur naturally.

2. We create a recording and web system to capture the process in videos photos and writing, and a web community system so we can discuss what we learn. We create and give away freely multiple Apps to make it easy for as many people as possible to be involved. The apps work on phones, tablets, and desktops, and let us send out news games questions and more, and receive reports info photos videos ratings, reactions, and more . We improve and develop the apps as we go along.

3. The collaboration itself is the main point, the deepest message of the project. To show that we can come together and make the effort to do art on such a grand scale sends a message of hope and possibility through the region. And when we fail, that too will be a message, because we will laugh, get back up, and try it again, with the resilience and mutual support a vibrant community needs.

4. And at the end, we have a web services system that will keep the conversation going, and which can be used to help support the next 5 years of Centre Inspires projects, and more. We have the apps, which can be modified and developed for as many uses as we like. And ee have a record of the experience to study and use as reference, to pass on to other communities, and to serve as an archive of content for any use we want. 

5. And, the administrative and management system used for such a grand collaboration will be there as well, and all the lessons learned brought forward and shared. Everything is completely open, transparent, what worked and what didn’t stored in the web system and available for use and study.

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