Four groups are needed. Each runs one Cycle event.

We need 4 organizations or groups of organizations, each manages one main event. This is based on the major outline.

3C. “CYCLES” Four “Cycle Orgs” (may also be alliances of several orgs) will take on the leadership role in the creation of four events, to be called “Cycles”, that will occur seasonally in 2015, the year of the grant fulfillment. Each Cycle Org will have creative control of it’s Cycle, although collaboration and cooperation is encouraged. The Four Cycles create anchoring points, a place and time for the message, the community, and the artists and arts to meet.

3C(1). A set of specific themes will be chosen by Promotions and Message (4b) to unify the Cycles and other activities. Here is a proposed example set of themes:

The thematic purpose of the events will be to seek engagement, and commit to engagement over time. Our keywords are:
1. To “reach out” to those that make art meaningful – the unsung heroes – they that look, and they that don’t, the people of our communities.
2. To “bring together”, and celebrate bringing together.
3. To “uplift by knowing” – the point of the year is to look at each other, and seeing and knowing, we lift together.
4. To “engage the cycle”. The cycle is the great unifier. Time, season, weather, age, coming together and going apart, action and follow thru, planting and harvest, everything we have done, do, or may do depends upon engaging the cycle with repetition, endurance, planning, scheduling, and respect for the power of time.

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