Four "Departments" provide the organization needed.

4. Four Departments will be created that will serve as the administration and management focus of the year long project. These four departments will be:

4a. Primary Admin, responsible for receiving and distributing the grant money. This automatically includes the primary organization making the grant proposal, and other persons as they require, and responsibility for Primary Admin is solely placed in the hands of the primary organization. However, Primary Admin is encouraged to seek and even require advice and help from all the elements of the collaboration, particularly the four Cycle Orgs and the Four Departments.

4b. Publicity and Message, responsible for promoting the cycles and cyclics and all other activities, and for developing and transmitting the core messages and deep storylines of the event.

4c. Recording and Content, responsible for getting the official recordings in video, audio, photo, and text form, and converting them into usable forms for the website and for the message and promotions use of Publicity.

4d. Web Systems, will build, operate, and maintain the website, web services, web presence, and web application, solve web related problems, and act as the web communications hub to pass online communications to the appropriate department or org. When the year is completed, it will be responsible for preparing the website as a fulfillment record of the grant, and for keeping the site operating for 6 years.

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